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Counteract Stress with Rolfing and Movement Education

rolfingWhat is Rolfing ?

Rolfing/Structural Integration is a system for improving the human structure. It is a form of deep connective tissue manipulation and movement education. It is aimed at creating a more balanced, upright body. The body’s connective tissue is ‘plastic’, therefore changeable, so that the human body can be anatomically ordered and re-aligned.

Did you know, that if the head is thrust forward just an inch, the neck muscles have to carry it’s weight of 20 – 30 pounds? In other words, muscular effort has to prevent that person from falling forward. Of all the forces affecting the human body, gravity is among the most powerful.

Visualize a plumb line dropped through the ear, shoulder, hip and legs, through to the ankles. If all the segments rest upon each other, the body is balanced, expending less energy against gravity.

Once we are out of alignment, it is impossible to just stand straight. The connective tissue has tightened and shortened. It is sticking together to support the increased load on the musculature. Physical Injuries, accidents, physically demanding work and emotional states, as well as social conditioning, contribute to out of alignment holding patterns.


Seamus Keane M.A., M.P.H.
Certified Advanced RolferĀ®


Seamus holds graduate degrees from UC Berkeley in Public Health and Rhetoric. He certified as a Rolfer at the Rolf Institute in Munich in 1985 and has since completed advanced Rolfing training in Berkeley, California. He has additional training in RolfingĀ® movement education and has completed a 2 year training in body-centred Psycho therapy.

Seamus sees himself as an educator and enjoys the process of exploring and encouraging people to develop a lively relationship with their body. As a Rolfing movement teacher, one of his talents and passions is to work with athletes to help optimize their performance. He has also trained as a horse Rolfer in Kentucky and enjoys working with race horses. Seamus is excited about the way Rolfing can transform and enrich a person’s life.


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