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Reiki Moves: healing small group class on Thursdays

reiki movesReiki Moves at Appletree Health and Wellness is a small group class – max 6 people per each slot – that combines Reiki treatment with subtle sensitive movement.

Slots are on Thursdays

11.15am to 12pm


12.15pm to 1pm

Reiki originated in Japan in the early 1900s by Master Usui. It is a beneficial natural healing treatment that occurs through light touch hand position on our crown, front, back of the head, neck, chest and abdomen and our back. Movement is a very important part of embodying relaxation, healing and empowering us our own personal path toward self-care and wellbeing. 

This class maximises dynamic healing so that relaxation can happen at deeper levels. This stimulates:

the immune system, supporting our body to become stronger and resilient;

– suppleness, with sensitive movement and a bit of stretching and toning;

stress release: combining slow and spontaneous  small movements with Reiki offers a natural ergonomic path to release all stress retained by the body;

happiness and self-confidence: when we feel supported, feel ​war​m​ from within and own that flowing feeling through our body, our perception of self is of a happy healthy person who knows how to self-care and be empowered by it.

Practically, the class is composed of four moves and four Reiki treatments. We will go through selected moves and rhythms and gently soften in it so that the Reiki treatment can take place. The movement will be also stimulated by visual imagery of nature. 




Ambra Gatto Bergamasco
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