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Bipolar Recovery – Bill Fitzgerald’s story

Bill Fitzgerald’s long battle with Bipolar Disorder led him down many different avenues in his determination to recover. As  he tells Joy Orpen in his recent interview, he has found that combining conventional medication with complementary approaches such as meditation, counselling, exercise, reiki and nutrient therapy has brought him emotional stability and given him back a […]

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Meditation Day in Appletree, Ranelagh, Dublin 6, Sunday 28th June – all welcome

Ranelagh Zen Group “In the dimension of silence the movement of thought goes on without creating the illusion of a thinker… There is no centre to say: “I like this and I dislike that, I prefer this and I have a hatred for that”.” -Vimala Thakar (1921 – 2009). Ranelagh Zen Group will hold a […]

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Excerpt – An Introduction to Nutrient Therapy in the Treatment of Mental Illness

An Introduction to Nutrient Therapy in the Treatment of Mental Illness Dr Edmond O`Flaherty MB BCh DCH DObs MICGP This chapter is for general knowledge only and you should contact your health-care professional for your unique problem. The number of people suffering from mental health problems is enormous and the conventional treatment still has a long […]

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Excerpt from “Everyday Mindfulness”

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Excerpt from “Everyday Mindfulness”   By Claire Owens Claire Owens   Have you ever spent more than ten minutes looking for your keys?   Have you ever driven home and been unable to remember the journey? Have you ever been in conversation with someone and suddenly realised that you have no idea what they just said? […]

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