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Introduction to the 12 Tissue Salts, Saturday 15th August 2015

tissue salts

The 12 tissue salts are a simple, effective, widely available and economical set of natural remedies capable of addressing a surprisingly comprehensive range of medical problems. 

Join Mark O’Sullivan, Homeopath on a one day workshop to receive a sound introduction to each cell salt, their clinical indications and exercises which will have you quickly prescribing with confidence.

They form a sub-group within Homeopathy called the “Biochemic System of Medicine” – they are Homeopathy’s best kept secret! They are completely safe to use at any stage in life, have no interactions with conventional medicine or side-effects. 

They can restore and improve vital functions, assist in elimination of toxins and boost energy levels.

They are simple and cost effective way for practitioners of all kinds – or home prescribers – to achieve and maintain health. 

Fee: €65
To book: Contact Mark on 087 2380720 or mark@homeopath.ie

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